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Our Mission

This Website is dedicated to Digital Lifelong Learning in Pulmonary Radiology.

An integral part of the Lifelong Learning process is its interactivity, and peer participation. We invite you to participate in our Website by visiting all its sections, and contributing to them.

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Our History

We have been pioneers of E-learning  in radiology

  • AUGUTS 2007

    The FSFB-CIDER is founded.

  • NOVEMBER 2008

    At the RSNA 2008 meeting, the CIDER gets a SUMMA CUM LAUDE for the exibit titled Game Learning in Radiology

  • NOVEMBER 2009

    At the RSNA 2009 meeting, the CIDER gets a SUMMA CUM LAUDE for the exibit titled Teleradiology in Developing Countries

  • JANUARY 2010

    The webpage used in the past decade was launched

  • JANUARY 2021

    We launch our newly redesigned website!

Editorial Board

The Yale-CIDER Editorial Board is comprised of five member. The Editorial Board reviews and approves the website contents, contributes to editorial policies, and offers guidance and support.


Alfonso Esguerra M.D., FACCP.
Founder and Editor in-chief emeritus


Andres Vasquez M.D., M.Sc.
Thoracic Imaging Chief Editor


Bernardo Lombo M.D.
Editor in-chief
Cardiac Imaging Chief Editor


Robert Lawrence McNamara M.D.
Cardiac Imaging Consultant


Margarita Baldio M.D.
Thoracic PathologyConsultant


333 Cedar Street
New Haven, CT